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Just came up with the itinenary of my trip of 7D6N from 21st Dec 2008 to 27th Dec 2008. Please comment.

Day 1, Sunday, 21st Dec 2008
- SIN to TPE
- Check in Hotel in Ximenting
- Shop around Ximenting

Day 2, Monday, 22nd Dec 2008
- Longshan Temple
- Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
- Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
- Martyns Shrine
- Miramar Entertainment Park
- Shilin Night Market

Day 3, Tuesday, 23rd Dec 2008
- Sun Moon Lake (TMS HSR -> Taichung HSR)
- Check in Minsu
- Tour around Sun Moon Lake and take boat ride

Day 4, Wednesday, 24th Dec 2008
- Watch Sunrise
- Jingming 1st Street
- Shop around Taichung City (Where to shop?)
- Chun Shui Tang Tea House (how to go?)
- Take HSR back to Taipei City
- Check in Hotel in Ximenting
- Karaoke (any recommendation?)

Day 5, Thursday, 25th Dec 2008
- Beitou Museum
- Beitou Hotspring
- Danshuei old street
- Fisherman Wharf
- Loverís bridge
- (Can add anything else?)

Day 6, Friday, 26th Dec 2008
- Yeliou
- Jioufen
- Wufenpu
- Rouhe Night Market

Day 7, Saturday, 27th Dec 2008
- TPE to SIN

why you want go Martyns Shrine. nothing interesting to see.
you're not going taipei 101?
maybe you can watch a movie. xi men ding a lot of cinemas.
or go to the zoo?
or the mao kong cable car. (if it is back to operation by then, now it's closed for maintenace)
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