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Does anyone know if short-term (like 1 week) mobile broadband service is available in Taiwan? I would like to get a SIM card that has a data GPRS line for me to surf net, access news while there. Or maybe wimax can do as well. Has to be for travellers, short terms passes. Thanks.

yeah~ there are private rental for mobile broadband (laptop). It's on the go. As long as the phone company can receive signal, the broadband will be able to work, which means you can even surf in the MRT. But signal will be weak if you go to mountains or ulu places...

SIM card with data GPRS line is available too.

Both type of service require deposit of 2000 to 3000nt which will be refundable. Not sure if they are willing to rent out to tourists though... Daily rental charges is around NT100. I could help if you need any...
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