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can anyone advise me how can I book the train tix to Hualien (for two way from Taiperi to Hualien, then Hualien back to Taipei).
you may go to the taipei huo che to purchase the tickets. you just let the officer know roughly what time you want to go and come back and he will check for you.

don't be turn away if he says no more tickets! he is refering to the seats. you may respond saying you don't mind standing. if you are lucky you may just be able to find a seat, if not just sit at the stairsway which i often do :p

if you are not able to catch the train on time or the train has left on the day you are suppose to board, just enter and catch the next train. just that if you had bought tix with seats, you may not have the seats this time... no need to buy ticket again~ if you want to change date of travel, it's free for the first time and subsequent changes will be charged.
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