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1) Once you pass them yr passport, you can go to the Reception counter (lobby area) to get rebate for yr ferry ticket in exchange for rolling chip.

2) If you are getting a room, you can also use rolling chips to exchange for a free room.

3) If you are a hgh roller, go to the upper floor casino (there are 2 deck), change to rolling chips. You will get some commission rebate.

There are 2 rolling chips dealer. 1 of them is LW. The other is private company.
I forgoten which 1 give higher rebate.

For more details, call them directly. Old man poor memory. Forget liao.

Good luck
Change minimum $2K with the house junket, commission is 1%. $10K is 1.2%.

I think the private junket offers better commission if I'm not wrong.

If you wish to change your chips for a free cabin, is $1000 during weekdays, and $2500 during weekends on top of the rebate for your ferry ticket.
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