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This seems to be those gambling boats where you pay $50 to get onboard and gamble is it?

how much is the fare and other than casino, any other facilities to enjoy?

What abt food?

strictly one day pass only?

Besides Leisure World, there are other similar ships that emphasizes more on gambling, but offer lesser entertainment like the Long Jie and Royale Star.

All you have to do is to pay the ferry fares inclusive of seaport tax to the respective ferry counter, Leisure World is $42, while Royale Star is $20. You can get back refunds of your ferry tickets in terms of cash rebates or rolling chips when you change into rolling chips (or non-negotiating chips). Sad to say, there's not much facilities to enjoy in these ships. Basic facilities like a lounge, massage palour, arcade gaming machines, or some court games, that's all.

If you wish to extend to another day, you just need to pay a token to extend, or change into rolling chips to waive off the extension.

Other luxury cruise ships like Royal Caribbean International, Star Gemini or Viro offers a variety of entertainment ranging from international performances to karaoke singing, besides casino plus international buffet.

Btw I'm going to Royal Caribbean International on 12th Jan 2009.
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