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Hi guys,just another there much to see and do at the Peak..i was reading and understand that there is a shopping centre and some cafes there..but are they mostly catered to higher end stuff?

reason i am asking is i am trying to catch the peak before and after i reckon i will reach around 6pm(is that too late)? to catch the sunset and leave at around 7plus..
i don't think 30minutes will be sufficient for me to get back to TST to catch the symphony of lights right?

thanks for advice again~
yup there's a shopping center and some cafes there, unless u really have something to buy, otherwise there's nothing much to see except for the view at the peak, or madame tussards.

U might want to try to catch a minibus down to central ferry piers, its considered the cheapest and fastest way down. then catch the star ferry from central piers to tst. u can still see the symphony of lights on the ferry if u past 8pm.

I'll be staying at metropark kowloon and I've been told that I can take "A21" to Argyle Centre or
Bank Centre - Nathan Road and change a taxi to the hotel. Does anyone know approximately how much the taxi fare will be?

taking A21 to argyle centre then taking a cab from there should be the best way. Just grab ur luggage after u landed at the airport and head to the ground transportation center. Argyle center is the 4th stop from the airport. cab fare should be around 40hkd excluding charges for luggages in boot.

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