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hmmm MIF from LBS vs MFE from Princeton vs a CFA.
seriously i wouldnt say it is pointless

in fact those masters may set u off to a much better career footing than a regular CFA chap.
but of cos that was the good ole days when banks actually hire instead of fire
your comparison is a bit extreme. The very fact that you're from Princeton or LBS alone would get u off to a better career footing than most regular CFA chaps. You don't even need their masters. It's like you're comparing pure Shark's fin to Beehoon. Even if you add crab to get crab beehoon, people would still choose the shark's fin.

But if we're talking about masters in finance like NUS/NTU/SMU, notice that one of their selling points is their candidate's ability to achieve high passing rates up to the CFA level 2 ONLY. Why pay 30k to study for the CFA when u can pay much less at Kaplan to study the same topics, and the same subjects? But if u just want either one of them, then Masters in Finance is better choice la. Much easier than CFA. They can't possibly fail you more than once or twice for a couple of modules when you're paying them 30k. Some of the profs in SMU teaching finance don't even have a finance degree. some of them are from statistics, engineering, and took the CFA. Some more CFA not cheap wor. Can cost you up to 10k to complete. Add on your 30k masters from NTU/SMU/NUS. Difficult to digest. But if you're rich, then just go ahead lah. more qualifications don't hurt.

I would think exceptions are for MFE degrees, because i think MFE is a bit different from CFA.

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