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i haven't had that specific jacob's creek one yet, but I have been generally wary of the recent vintages of the commercially available JC because they haven't been living up to the mark. there are probably many other better australian sem/chard blends available at similar price points. A good australian sem/chard I had, but that was more than $25, had a nice mouthfeel, very floral on the nose and it had citrus components with a beautiful load of honey/ that's what i'm generally looking for in a sem/chard blend: a taste that doesn't fall flat and that's very 'full'. I may try the JC Sem Chard soon anyway after the Matthew Lang Cab/Shiraz that another user requested.

so far I've only found one riesling that's below $25, that was in NTUC and the brand was Black Tower (i did a review for that on the blog), but it was not my style of rieslings. If u like a sweeter type of riesling with tropical fruit and pineapple then that one is probably for you. I prefer mine dry, steely with heaps of minerals and great acidity.

but if you're willing to top up another 10 bucks more, i know coldstorage/marketplace/jasons have several australian rieslings that you can get for around $35. I forget the names of them.
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