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Dear All,

Below is my planned itinerary. Would appreciate if any kind soul can help to access if its sound.

1st day
Reached Taoyuan airport around evening time.
Transfer to hotel.
Dinner at Fei Tian Steamboat 飞天麻辣火锅
Shop at 西门丁

2nd day
morning, continue shopping at 西门丁, take lunch
Afternoon, go 淡水老街, 渔人码头
nite, go 华西夜市

3rd day
morning, go Pacific Sogo Dept Store 太平洋百貨公司, Breeze Center 微风广场
afternoon, go 新光三越信义, 五分铺
nite, go 绕河夜市, 临江街观光夜市

4th day
morning, go Miniatures Museum Of Taiwan 袖珍博物馆
afternoon, go 京华城 Living Mall, Underground Mall 地下街
nite, go 师大夜市, 公馆夜市

5th day
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