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currently at taipei, taoyuan airport going back to sing...waiting to check in @ 1200 hrs

weather @ taipei: temp is ard 10-20degrees...without the wind, weather is damn good. with the occasional wind, i wore a t-shirt, windbreaker with sweater...enough liao...

as for the $$$ issue, the rate @ taoyuan airport now is 21.77...pls stop asking about the rate in the airport...the rate is definitely better than in singapore...

as for alishan, the forest train is out of cannot take the forest train, have to take a bus/cab up... the bus fare is ard NT215 IIRC, but i took a cab up for NT750 (for 3 pax)

my itinerary in alishan is:
reach alishan @ ard 1pm. went to jalan in the forest recreational area (which is actually a forest reserves)
went for the tour organized by shen-mu hotel @ 440pm and 840pm to view the yun hai (sea of cloud), stars and dusk/sunset.
took a NT300/pax tour to view the sunrise @ yushan with tour guide + star viewing @ 440am (*yawn*).the NT300 tour was worth every cent. if dunwan to take the tour, have to pay NT150 to take train to zhushan (which is lower than yushan)
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