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NUS: CAP and S/U

Disclaimer: The information is meant only as advice and we accept no liability or responsibility for your CAP, future or anything.

What is CAP? (24 December 2008) (24 December 2008) (25 December 2008)

An example

Useful tools

NUS Eng FAQ for S/U
Please read the disclaimer first!!

--a WIP--

Hey guys, I need some advice. Is it worth it to use an S/U to increase my CAP from 4.2 to 4.375? I got a B for that module. I just finished my 1st sem by the way.
If you are aiming for at least 2nd upper, then it's safe to S/U that module.
You can try SU-ing it. But do note it is just the first sem, there might be more jialat modules coming up.
hey guys I need some advice.. freshman here. should I s/u to increase my cap from 3.4 to 3.5? module grade is B-..
check out the other thread?
oh..can give example pls? i still not tt clear......

so suggest i s/u the module i got C+ for? or it will affect my CAP next time? actually hor, is B for all 4 modules quite bad? hope next sem i will do better
simply speaking (hopefully)...

ASSUMING all ur modules are 4 MCs*, each module holds the same weightage on ur CAP.
e.g. this sem u got 3.3 cos ur Bs are 3.5 and ur C+ is 2.5. --> (3.5+3.5+3.5+3.5+2.5)/5

so next sem will just be an accumulation. if u take 4 x 4MCs modules next sem... u will take all ur grades add together divided by 9.

so now if u S/U. it will be (3.5+3.5+3.5+3.5)/4 = 3.5 CAP. since it is only 4 modules... however it will have less power to influence ur CAP as compared to a 5 module semester (which has more 'weight')

or you can just delete the concept of SEMESTER when u are counting CAP cos it will confuse u.

BUT C+ shud almost surely be S/Ued.

*if u have 3 MC mods then hard to count cos the module will have 0.75 weightage as compared to a 4MC mod.
wah this thread moved pretty fast! i went out today all day to not think about my results but when i came home...ah...sad again :,( really depressed man

i intend to s/u this mod that i got B- (have not used any s/u so far) but i calculated, and i think only affect by 0.1?? somebody pls tell me if it is wise?? i am so upset with this sem cos my cap drop :/ my yr1 sem1 was crazily bad, i was hovering at 2-ish (my fault for slacking too much, didnt realise the importance. skipped lectures and play too much etc..) , and sem2 i bucked up luckily managed to pull it up to 3-ish... then now drop again..

can someone tell me if it is going to be possible to raise a cap of ard 3.2 to up to 3.6?? (from yr2 sem1) all i'm asking for is just second lower now...i think i need a miracle. pls don't drop any further... any real life cases? i need some motivation. hahaha

and my C+ for my core is biting me everywhere.i felt like crying just now!! how can this be, must be the darn bell curve. should i review? what are the chances of grade improving or even dropping as i heard there are cases of so...

sorry for this lengthy post. emo emo leh. =( i believe tonight will be a bad night for many (sobsob) and to those who did well..congrats!

any advice is appreciated. =)
totally possible to raise from 3.2 to 3.6 .

i raised my cap from low 3 ish to 4 ish.

so ya, possible.
If I have 3MC to S/U left, can I overdraft and S/U a 4MC module? If possible what are the things to take note?
Only 3 MC will count towards graduation requirements.
Some modules are compulsory S/U. Does this take up my 12MC of S/U or it doesn't? What are the things to take note?
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Disclaimer: The information is meant only as advice and we accept no liability or responsibility for your CAP, future or anything.
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