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hey ts.. wanna share with you my experience there..

if you can wait.. try going on the end of the year period.. i went last november for 5 days and there were lots of places having sales.. i dunno whats the diff lah but i did a lot of shopping though.. if you're in to surf brands, then its a good time coz that was what i was advised by my frens..

i took lionair and it only cost me less than $200.. flight was 6am though.. reach there ard 8+am.. just nice timing to go eat breakfast and walk2.. and return flight is 0030hrs.. i didn't care about comfort of whatever lah.. its only a 2hr flight.. i got my ipod + psp.. enuff already.. at least the food, though not that nice, which is ok to me.. its still edible.. its a budget flight.. what do you expect.. to me as long get there safe, thats what is important..

i stayed @ some budget inn.. it was called suria inn i think.. i only remembered i paid ard SGD$150 for all that 5 days (coz i got a lobang.. hehe) its a budget hotel.. not for those who wants luxurious room.. the room i got was ok ok.. there was lots of tourist as well.. lots of japanese actually..

i wish i can go on but it'll be a composition for you to read.. it was awesome and we promised ourselves that we would come back same time this yr..

hope you will enjoy your stay there. oh yeah.. go for the river rafting!! it was the best highlight for me and my gf thruout the 5 days..
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