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Product Name: ALSee

Product Description/Features:
ALSee is simply the best picture viewer for real people. Everything you need to view and edit your digital camera photos is in ALSee. There's no feature bloat with things that nobody uses or understands. Opening, viewing, editing, and saving pictures has never been faster or easier.
  • Picture Viewing
    • View 23 Picture Formats
    • Slide Shows
    • Browse, Zoom & Edit Modes
    • Perfect Printing
    • Convert Picture Formats
  • Photo Editing
    • Cut Selected Area
    • Red Eye Removal
    • Stamp
    • Resize & Rotate Pictures
    • Overlay Pictures & Text
    • Word Balloons
    • Picture Frames
  • Advanced Functionality
    • Pixel Info Viewer
    • Batch Conversions
    • ALSee Photo Library
    • ALSee Movie Maker
    • Batch Rename Pictures
    • Thumbnail Size Control
Product Review: Just a simple review. I wanted to batch rename almost 10 000 images inside one of my directory. If I were to rename it one by one, or using the Windows method. It would probably takes a long time or not something I want in the end. And ALSee managed to rename my images of 10 000 just within 3 minutes or so. That's really fast.
Extra Notes: FREE for home users only.
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