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3) Job occupation (Indoor/Outdoor) This refers to the nature of work, like desk bound or sales

Indoor - cheaper
Outdoor - more expensive
So far, I have only heard of a company that charge the same rate for indoor and outdoor occupation as of Oct 2008. It's Mitsui Sumitomo.
Do note that MSI and MSIG are 2 different companies even though both have "Mitsui Sumitomo" in the name. How the both are linked, I have no clue.

6) Safe Driver Discount This is an additional 5% discount if you do not have any traffic offense or demerit point for the past 2 years. You only get this additional 5% when you have minimum 30% NCB.

For example, your car insurance cost $2000 (before NCB) and you have 30% NCB and safe driver discount, you premium would be $1391 {[2000 - (2000 * 35)] * 1.07} with GST.
I think this one should be $1,423. Do correct me if i'm wrong. +-$5 due to rounding.

0.7 * (30% NCD)
0.95 * (5% SDD/OFD)
1.07 * (7% GST)
$1423.10 premium payable

NTUC does not offer SDD/OFD.

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