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You trying to claim 3rd party for $400+ repair works? You're joking?
Did you consult anyone about your case?
But seriously, such situation should just settle privately and finish with it, close the case. By filing claims for such paltry sum, you'll be dragging the story forever between the 2 insurers.
The legal expenses alone is more than that.

What is your car's insurance excess amount, above or below this $400+ pending claim?
Either amount, it doesn't justify your wanting to claim 3rd party.
Even if you claim for 1st party, the insurer will decline your claim if your policy excess is more than this $400+ claim amount.

You might want to clarify my guesses and set the facts straight on the accident circumstances, repairs to be done, and if you have the option to settle privately.

Did you declare this accident to your current insurer? and to DBS (Aviva)?
Because it will go either way:

1. Current insurer. If you did not report the accident, and you do claim the $400+ repair work, the insurer can choose not to honour the claim in accordance to contractual agreement (failure to report to workshop for accident within 24 hours), they can choose to prejudice your claim and deduct your NCD. Read your policy contract.

2. DBS (Aviva). If you did not declare to them your pending intention to claim for accident repairs, and they later find out about it, they can choose to void your contract on the basis of non-disclosure of facts.

For a new quote of $1.6K vs other quotes of more than $2K, its a good buy, but insurance policies (and their benefits) cannot be compared simply on premium alone.
Each policy contract should be placed next to one another for accurate comparisons.

It would take many more forumers to give feedback on your concerns.

Actually my own repairs came up to 1000+ and what I mentioned was the amount less the excess that I was supposed to be paying.
Also the accident was a 50-50 case with a Taxi who was trying to claim repairs , loss of income etc from me.
So thought it would be much easier to file claims with our insurer and try do a third party claim esp since I have no NCD.

Actually, would like find out more on the Aviva contract and any personal experience esp since it is much cheaper than the others.
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