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sabai sabai, the gals from other disco will go there after work...the singers all pretty boy....think they target female crowd, and carrot like me go there help the gals to pay for the

icon the best singers left tik and kate....bebe, mimi and anna not there liao....

nam wan (the male singer) also went back liao...

lookers a lot of vietnamese right?
yea my friend always bring girls frm nana/lookers/windsor to sabai sabai. . band is very good but nt as good as icon, i met my teerak at sabai sabai lol. from what i heard, the girls at sabai sabai is lesser as the boss wana concentrate more on the band. sabai sabai would def be a good place to go if there isnt much fights, i could witness up to 4-5 fights per night man, fights are very common there.

went to discovery few days ago to recce. not happening. . only like 3tables and 10+ girls.
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