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hello all, i am new here. might be off-topic a bit. I am currently on the home team merit award, do any of you know of anyone who are also on the award currently serving in spf now. i would like to become a senior officer in the force later; hoping to do a part time degree once i complete HTA as I will be considered as a regular, not an ns-man. whats the requirement like of a PO converting into a SPO and will studying part time be even possible as well? By this, i mean the stress and shift time factor...

can enlighten what is home team merit award? if your award has a direct link to the LMS or OMS,
then your path should be as of the senior officer.

So far I only know that fellow regulars (junior officers) doing part time degree are not able to get direct conversion from JO to SO. It requires u to earn your merit and experience to get to be selected for P/Insp course(9 mths in tracom) subsequently getting your inspector rank.This process can take as long as 15 to 20 years in force depending on your potential. Regards to stress and time factor, it all dependent on your vocation

if u are status now in a pnsf, then i guess the only way for u is to ord, get a degree and try applying directly as a senior officer; if that what u really want.

hope it answers abit of your doubts. correct me if i am wrong fellow seniors haha
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