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Gosh, i shd hv checked out this site and asked the experts here. Didnt have time for research, it was my gut feel and loyalty for Nikon and the fact that this is the latest for a mid-range DSLR. Anyway, this may help some of you out there. I just bot a D90 kit at Harvey Novena Medical Centre 2 days ago when I suddenly felt like taking up photography again. Didnt want the 18-105mm, so handsome salesman allowed me to swap for 18-200mm, for S$2600 in total (the original D90 kit is going at $1688 or around there, or can also take Harvey's package at 1700++, which comes with 3 8gb cards and a dry box plus the original freebies that come with the kit). If you check Nikon's website, the 18-105mm costs $470 and the 18-200mm around $1370. I also bot a 50/1.8 at $230 and SB900 at $599. Think prices have come down slightly. Hope this answered some of your questions.

Am thinking of getting a 2.8 lens, maybe the 300mm? I know Nikon has 70-200mm/2.8, but this would make my 18-200mm redundant, wouldnt it? Can the experts advise please? Thanks very much!
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