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With a 50 f/1.8 and a 18-200mm, you've covered most of your general needs already. Your next lens will depend pretty much on what you intend to shoot most.

My experience with superzoom is that IQ is better on the long end than the wide end. Barrel distortion is quite noticeable on my Pentax DA 18-250mm at 18mm but is easily correctable in software. Fast long lens may be an overkill for most usage scenarios unless you are shooting birds or sports. In most cases you are likely to have enough light to get a pretty good shot out of your 18-200mm at 200mm.

If you're into macro photography, then definitely your next lens should be a prime macro. I think Nikon has one around 100mm, or you can get Tamron 90mm or Sigma 105mm.

Otherwise, you should consider a zoom wide angle lens like the 12-24mm, 11-16mm and a couple of others to choose form.
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