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the Air-Con service-man came and checked... apparently my pipe thermistor is faulty. After changing it (S$80!), everything seems to be okay liao... hehe..

oh btw, Shu, if your air-con only consumes 1.6kWh per night (8 hrs), that's only 200W! Amazing! May i ask how much is your monthly PUB bill?
Ah you see I was surprised to find out it's consumption is that low. Turns out, the aircon isn't on throughout the night. Most of the power is consumed during the first hr as it cools the room down. Once the room's cool, it's just a matter of maintaining that temp. Do note that I set it at 26-27 degrees, which may be warm to some. Also, ambient temps are lower at night., which means u need less power to cool a room down.

I did another experiment in the afternoon. Observed usage for an hour at about 2pm and found the aircon consumed 0.8KWH in that 1 hour.
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