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I finally find out why no one buys from Knife depot liao. Last night tried to shop online from their site, wanted to buy 200 dollars worth of knives,but the shipping cost comes to 260 dollars....

In the end went with what most butties recommend, Knifeworks, and hoot the following:

SOG Tech Bowie, Kraton Handle, Black Blade, Kydex Sheath

Ka-Bar SkinnerHunter, Leather Handle, Leather Sheath

Ka-Bar Kukri Machete, Black Kraton G, Leather/Cordura Sheath

Best thing is Shipping 34 dollars nia.

Roger from Knife works is a lucky man, he has so many cute gals working for him.



Anna (Sales)

Ashley (Laser Engraving)

Jessica (Sales)
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