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Very legal. It's only has a single edge. This blade shape is called "Reverse Tanto". has got the plain edge (full cutting edge without serrations) or Combo edge like mine.

Take a look here:

nice review on the Rift... I dun agree with all of nutnfancy's review. Feel the Rift is ok for EDC. He's too hung up on the max 4oz limit. I love the way the G10 looks. I'd much prefer a PE though. Personal preference I guess. Is the size ok say in a staight cut jeans pocket? Dun wear baggy jeans much. I'm always in dress pants, jeans if I'm working weekends. Worried about it being too bulky. Noticed there's no backspacer on the knife, that could be a good thing, easier to clean out. Sweet buy man... Dun flick it too much via Axis lock though. Better off thumbing it open. Seen a few broken omega springs on the Axis lock and its actually quite a common problem. Seen the latest Presidio? Think the handle is G10 or FRN now. A lot lighter than the old aluminium handled ones. A lot cheaper too. USD70-80 I think.

Hope you guys do meet up for the knife get together... Too bad I'm too busy with work. I'd avoid Ubin though because of the check at the police checkpoint. Might pose some problems. If you guys do meet up do take lots of pics. Very interested to see them. Meeting to view, buy or sell knives is always a pain, especially in public. The public reacts very strangely to seeing knives. In fact if I'm carrying more than one piece I make it a point to avoid taking the MRT. If I'm lugging my whole collection around I take a cab... Last thing I want is for some idiot security guy to find an excuse to pocket my knives. Not that my knives are very expensive but they are very precious to me. Even the cheapo ones...
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