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Need some advice from butties who bought from Knifeworks before.

Last Wedesday i placed a order online for the following items:

But everytime i check the ordering history on their site, i only see: Status: Order Received

No shipping or tracking info, when checking account, also no amount showing on my CC account also. It has almost been a week already, is this normal for those who have bought knives from them before? Should i send Roger an email enquiry?
It's either they are on holiday for holy week or maybe out of stock or restocking?
I know some retailers are off on holidays.. Better to email and ask them bah.. This is your chance to email the sales xmm
but seriously best to check with them.. I've order from other places and if they show orders received for so long, usually it's because it's back ordered / "waiting for supplier" or closed for the holidays

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