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thanks for replying. can start saving up money for that, haha.

so the blade will just pass through customs without any fuss?

the blade is of Jap origin? cos i know tanto means short blade or short sword in jap.

Yup.. can be bought at Sheares or online.. tanto is the blade style, but is an adapted style from Japanese tanto and NOT a Japanese tanto.. the blade material 154cm is from Crucible, a US Company. You can read more about benchmade's blade info here
Yes, but this blade is a reverse tanto blade version. Tanto, if I'm correct means short sword in nihon-go.

I have tested my Recon-1 slicing power against 950 Rift. The Verdict?

950 Rift is able to slice paper thinly due to it's blade thickness. Recon-1 is unable to do so due to it's steeper edge and thicker blade.

I would classify Recon-1 as a blade that do raw cutting. Cutting bigger and thicker stuff shouldn't be a problem with this blade.

950 Rift is a finer blade and can slice as thinly as you want. It's an EDC keepers.
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