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So expensive... if you buy from my showroom, can get immediately... for the 2 stones.

$129 + $199 = $328 (Before less 30%)

After less 30%, $229 nia.... you can save $94 dollars..... but you only get 2 stones, but still the same, 4 type of grit. But you can get a free lesson on sharpening if my boss is in.... and this week he is in....

But you really dun need a whole stone for sharpening, if you are just doing it for your knives, it take years of sharpening to wear them out. And we do it very often over here, because we provide professional sharpening service on whetstones.
First, I would like to thank you for your kind offer.

But I made the purchase, on the following reasons:

1. Delivery to my house.
2. I get a good 8000 grit Kitayama water stone that has been tried and tested.
3. I get one stone holder
4. Why should I spend money on a brand that has not been reviewed before?
5. The Naniwa stones stated are good, but there are cheaper ones that do almost a good job as them.

That is why King and Kitayama are better choices for me. Being my Rift able to pop hairs and slice newspaper, all done on 1500 grit emery, I think I simply need tried and tested stones to further hone my knife.

Though some reviews may be slanted, but it does gives you a general idea on the product and it's differetn methods of usage.
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