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just get whichever feels more comfortable to you. your own fit cannot be determined by mine.

for many people, cycling on the road more often means you prefer speed on straights, thus a larger frame would mean a longer reach, therefore your geometry will be more racy, and thus you will be in a position to generate more power and speed into your pedalling. an alternative would be getting a smaller frame and changing to a longer no-rise stem with a straight handlebar. this usually also sets ur geometry into a more racy position. the OTHER alternative is to get a more comfy ride like you said, then train your legs lor. :wobble:

i can always go down to C2C in the evenings and let u try my 15" frame, u can also try asking speedstream if he can let you try his 17" frame.

i duno. the Nail Trail frame is really good for technical trail usage, but on road i just don't feel the oomph. budget-wise, you could get this, but for speed, i'm not sure if this is what you want, or need.
I understand what you mean, it explains a lot to me. I'm not going for speed though, so maybe the reach for 15" might be ok for me. Nevertheless, I'll go down to C2C and talk to Ben and see what he recommends. Thanks!
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