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Wow... this thread is really informative!
I'm planning to replace my old system-2 National aircon.
Went to BestTech Toa Payoh and was recommended LG non-inverter or MHI inverter.

Below is my preferences:

I turn both aircons at least 10hrs /day.
[Do you think it's better if i get Inverter?]

I like my room cold, though i prefer that it can get warmer a few hours into my sleep because sometimes the cold wakes me up prematurely. haha.
[in one of his posts, thexenomorph mentioned his MHI Inverter isn't that cold. Anybody here thinks otherwise?]
[Is 9000 btu enough?]

I put my bed below the aircon. So i'm looking for an aircon that can swing well downwards
[ thexenomorph mentioned that his MHI Inverter don't swing downwards very well. Anybody can recommend a brand that doesn't have this problem?]
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