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Well, he can always ask to see our freshly sharpened knives provided the customers have not collect them, and I can demo cutting a piece of paper also....... my boss uses all those stones to sharpen all knives by hand.....

A lot of time, I think it is not just the stones, it is more like the techniques and experience of sharpening knives, and of course the steel of the knife edge.
My Rift can shave hairs and slice newspaper, sharpened with 1500 grit sandpaper.

Cutting newspaper or paper or shaving hair, it not a benchmark for sharpness. Any knives sharpened with 800 grit sandpaper can shave and slice too.

The correct technique with the correct tools is the combination.

I think if you wanna continue touting your boss's skills or his company, you should advertise with HWZ, instead of 'giving' free advice on the surface and promoting your in house brand Kasumi and Naniwa.
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