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KouAnKyuuKa: Stones will wear out also, whether branded or not, have to touch to assess the quality.. Most important would be the actual grit and the type of stone than brand or reviews.. review or no review, as long as it gets the task down with minimal expense, I'll get it..

Anyway, I'm sharpening for utility.. going finer than 4k is just gonna make my knife beautiful but not too practical.. unless I'm sharpening kitchen cutlery or collectors than yes, I'll invest in the system.. but so far, my needs are for reprofiling my dull knife.. so no need to make my utility knives into samurais

i_got_a_question_to_ask: those plastic is useless, quite uncomfortable to use.. if using on a stone, you fingers are the best guide.. Just go slow if your not confident..
To me, a sharpening stone is more than an inanimated object. If knives and swords have souls (tamashi), the stones are vehicles to tempering it.

Touching a Sharpening stone will not be helpful in anyway. It is when you start sharpening your knife on it, only then the truth will be revealed.

Japanese stones wear down faster than most stones. It is meant to be that way and I can understand the logic behind it.

With that being said, it's up to you to choose.
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