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edge pro is sexpensive stuff for sexperts. i am noob. i also cannot afford the s$323 system de.

then this plastic thing is only $10 US. and can be used on whatever stone i choose. whereas the sexpensive edgepro one must use their in-house grit only.

i am poor undergrad no $. just a simple system to DIY some maintenance for some knives in the house (my dad use very often for his job).

Then can I suggest that you go free hand?

Take a protractor to measure out 20 degrees. Then lift your knife to the correct elevation.

Or, place your knife on the sharpening stone, then slowly elevate your knife till the edge is fully on the stone.

Then start slow, while trying to maintain the angle, do not force the edge. It should be smooth from start (keel of the knife) till the end (which is the tip).

Go from roughest till the highest grit Unless you are using Oil stones, your sharpening stones should be slightly wet.
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