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Well I am just giving you guys the information that locally we carry these 2 brands of stones, so why are you being like that for??

I already said I dun earn a single cent of commission for any sales at all. Actually normally, when I mentioned my company sell whatever stuff you are looking for, I would normally give them the address of the showroom and ask them to come down to take a look for themselves, touch and feel the stone, examine it before they can decide if they want to buy it.

And I only posted those pictures with pricing when you ask me to state it here.
Yes, I did ask you for a price qoute. When you replied, I said 'no' to those stones. Then you said I'm paying much more for the stones that I have ordered.

It's like a sales pitch already. When I said no, you could have leave it at that? You are giving me the impression of a pushy salesman, trying to push some never heard of Kasumi stones, except for Naniwa brand.

You can say that you are not commissioned based. But off the stage, we will never know. Perhaps, that impression that you are giving pisses some people off.
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