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Yes, I did ask you for a price qoute. When you replied, I said 'no' to those stones. Then you said I'm paying much more for the stones that I have ordered.

It's like a sales pitch already. When I said no, you could have leave it at that? You are giving me the impression of a pushy salesman, trying to push some never heard of Kasumi stones, except for Naniwa brand.

You can say that you are not commissioned based. But off the stage, we will never know. Perhaps, that impression that you are giving pisses some people off.
Salesman.... nope I am not a salesman

And this is a forum for discussion, what I stated is just a fact, and this ain't exactly a situation I am calling you to push a sale or you are right in front of me and I am trying to sell you something. Kasumi is a brand for kitchen knives, and yes they do have whetstone for sharpening knives, since it is related to their main core products kitchen knives. Just google for Kasumi knives and you will know it is not some unknown brand....... just that the stones are more like supplementary products for their knives, and they only got 2 combination stones and that's it. I mean it will be good if someone is just trying to get a wide range stones with varying grit without breaking the bank.

You dun believe me, that is your choice. I am just trying to let some EDMWers here know there are cheaper alternative beside ordering from Internet, because Internet you still got to wait for shipping and of course pay for the shipping. And of course, the main difference is you get to look, see and touch the stones before you decide. That's all I am trying to tell fellow EDMWers here, I am not saying anything bad about your purchase if that is what you think.

If you can't look past the fact that I am just trying to be helpful because not many people in Singapore actually knew where to buy them, then just ignore my posts. And so far only Kasumi stones are actually selling in Takashimaya, the rest we just sell in showroom only.

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