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I'm replying to state some facts.

1. Ordering from internet is 90% of the time cheaper than buying from retailers in Singapore. For eg, Airbrush is almost 18 dollars cheaper and Rift is approximately 50 dollars cheaper when ordering online with shipping charges.

2. Kasumi Stones being whetstones will wear out faster than Diamond stones, having combination is not good if one is using frequently, also depends on knife material, HRC, angle of blade, etc.

3. The thing about kasumi stones is that they are unknown to the majority or may have been tested, but did not make the expectation.

To elaborate on point number 3:

Of course most of the time, buying choices are affected by reviews from one's social circle. The more reviews the better as it helps one to paint a mental picture on the product, based on one's past experience with something similar or a combination of similar experiences.

If a product is as good as a company claims it to be, there should be alot of reviews by now. Kitchen Samurai would have a hit with 'Kasumi' whetstones as search string.

I am also informing the forum users on things that they need to be aware of, or remind them.

What really irritates me is you sounded like a salesman trying to push 'inferior' (subjective) stones to unwary users that doesn't even holds a single review. To me, these products are a cause of suspicion.

Just to let everyone know, different 8000 grit stones gives different feel when sharpening and different finishes. What may look like mirror may not work as great.

With that, I bow out and leave the decision to the forum users.
Whether inferior or not, we can leave it to users of the product to decide, I am definitely not a user of such stones, you maybe a tad too suspicious about the whole thing. I simply present to you guys whatever information I have on hand, that includes pricing and the kind of discount normally given. I know since I work as Sales Admin (Note NOT Salesman) and I normally answer similar questions about pricing and discount either over the phone or visitor of the showroom. We sold a couple of Kasumi whetstones and yet to receive any complaints about the products so I really do not know if this means the product is "inferior" as deemed by you just because there is a lack of reviews. I mean the brand is definitely not as well known as Naniwa, Kitayama or Shapton, but doesn't necessary means it produce inferior product.

I tried my best to give whatever information I have on the kind of stones I have, and of course, I tried to recommend cheaper alternative as I feel that during such bad times, maybe people are looking for costs saving deals.

It is clearly a misunderstanding, I though you guys are looking for a simple whetstone that will not break the bank, and considering that it is such bad times.

And about the pricing being cheaper on Internet, not necessary so. -> Amazon selling this whetstone at $105.95, probably in USD and comes with free shipping, not sure if it will send to Singapore for free.

The price we have over here is $199 with 30% discount which is $139.30, and of course, you can actually touch and see the stone. But of course certain products are indeed cheaper on Internet.

Anyway, this is an unfortunate misunderstanding, but if you really think I am a pushy salesman or some conman, that is where you are wrong, I got xXDragonXx asking me about certain product, I answered him in PM and he ask me to add him in MSN, but did I go and bug him to buy. No. Go ask him. What I only did is just quote him the price when he ask me.

Anyway, it is up to the individual to decide where and how they spent their money. And I certainly dun earn a single cent from it, I am only happy if they get what they are looking for and be happy with it.

Anyway, wish you good luck with your new hoot.
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