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from left: Officer Kurki, military combat knife(unknow if u know please tell mi), mv series knife, cold steel master tanto and rambo 2 first blood knife.

(Officer Kurki-Nepalese officer gave my dad during combine overseas training than passed to me )
(Military combat knife- unknow given by dad but he cant remember where iszit from)
(MV Series knife- given by my dad senior when his in commando. No longer in production as MV culterly focus on kitchen knife only)
(Cold Steel master tanto- Realy impressed by the video demo on the knife shown on cold steel website cost me a bomb)
(Rambo 2 first blood- big and nice! From SIG arms many years ago looking hard for the rambo 1,3 & 4 series)
Not sure if anyone has replied your question. But the second knife from the left is made in Thailand and used to be very commonly sold here in the early 80s in the shops along Beach road. It's not very good quality and if I'm not wrong should be quite heavy too. They used to sell for very little as far as knives like these go, I think $30 - $40 during that time.

Hope this helps.
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