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I'm curious about something though... What is it you are planning to sharpen? The type of knife and blade steel I mean... I'd love tp see some results. May even get me one of those stones too if I can see a discernible difference. If you are talking about Cutlerylover's video in which he whittled a strand of hair I think he uses an Edgepro Apex.

If you are stropping with felt cloth I think you may as well skip it totally. All you are doing is removing surface oxide (unlikely) and grease from your hand (more likely) through polishing. It's akin to using a handkerchief to polish up a knife. Cloth, cotton, microfibre or whatever has no cutting agent or abrasive. With no compund it doesn't work. An alternative you may use is cardboard. The clay content in the cardboard actually does smoothen out the micro serrations.
Free hand sharpening is able to acheive it. I have said enough. I'm offensive when I think that people are being illogical when they question my choice.

It's not that I'm ****ing buying natural whetstones. It's just synthethic for god's sake. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of relic which I am not using !

I'm looking for better consistency, and proven to work ! WTF, tell me that shipping those stones are expensive and I'm ****ing paying more than his precious kasumi !

If his Kasumi can ****ing produce results, even though I'm paying more, I will buy it. No reviews and anything expect me to believe?

Pardon me, but i'm skeptical.

edit: I think enough is enough. Contributing to this thread seems pointless enough.

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