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Free hand sharpening is able to acheive it. I have said enough. I'm offensive when I think that people are being illogical when they question my choice.

It's not that I'm ****ing buying natural whetstones. It's just synthethic for god's sake. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of relic which I am not using !

I'm looking for better consistency, and proven to work ! WTF, tell me that shipping those stones are expensive and I'm ****ing paying more than his precious kasumi !

If his Kasumi can ****ing produce results, even though I'm paying more, I will buy it. No reviews and anything expect me to believe?

Pardon me, but i'm skeptical.

edit: I think enough is enough. Contributing to this thread seems pointless enough.
Sorry you took offence bro... I don't think I mentioned anything about those Kasumi stones. Heck I have not the slightest interest in those. A Japanese stone is a Japanese stone to me. I'm ignorant on such things. All I wanted was to know the results that you got using them because if they are good I may consider getting one too. In no way am I questioning your choice and please keep your contribution coming. Small issues should not get in the way of good discussion. There is a lot that we can learn from each other. I'm learning new things everyday too.

edit: If any part of my post was offensive to you I apologise.

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