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yea thanks. i roughly know how to do those things but i need the raw material.

i heard magazine paper with autosol strop works for cheapo too.

disclaimer: i nv try before.
Most paper has a certain amount of clay in them but I've never heard about using magazine paper. Cardboard, yes... You can give it a try. Autosol has polishing compound in it. You can tell just by feeling it between your thumb and index finger. I don't polish my knives with autosol though. All my knives are stainless and quite good quality ones too. A light coat of oil has been sufficient for me. I also store them in an aluminium box with silica gel to keep the humidity to a minimum. As my collection grows I may one day invest in a proper safe.

Magazine paper? I'll try and search online for that. To be honest I'm not sure. Those papers seems glossy and this may indicate a kind of coating or treatment had been applied to them. If you use cardboard theres no need for any compounds.
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