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Sorry you took offence bro... I don't think I mentioned anything about those Kasumi stones. Heck I have not the slightest interest in those. A Japanese stone is a Japanese stone to me. I'm ignorant on such things. All I wanted was to know the results that you got using them because if they are good I may consider getting one too. In no way am I questioning your choice and please keep your contribution coming. Small issues should not get in the way of good discussion. There is a lot that we can learn from each other. I'm learning new things everyday too.

edit: If any part of my post was offensive to you I apologise.
It's not about you that I am ranting about.

It's the certain 'sales-person' that I am talking about.

Anyway, I won't stab him with any knives I have because a knife to me, is sacred, unless it is really a defensive situation. I really do hate the idea of soiling my knives with his blood or anyone's for that matter.

Also, one should be responsible when they carry EDCs around. Using it unnecessarily will only bring trouble.

Contribution is pointless as we can see. Quite frankly, I really dunno what is wrong with that idiot with me shipping in my stones, rather than buying it from him. Cheaper in price means quality assured?

At least the stones I'm buying has reviews, people have used it before and said they are working as intended. I know those Kasumi can work , but will it be up to expectation in terms of finesse, no one can really say for sure.

But, in terms of cost, the kasumi are more expensive in reality as they are combination stones, and if they do cut as well as King and Kitayama, they will not last long. Really depends on usage and pressure. The low grit ones may be the first to go. Pressure and heavy usage are mainly on this combination block.

After getting the edge, one will need to take into consideration of 'flattening' the low grit stone, so extra material are removed.

However, what I have all said are not true. Please do not believe a single word I say.
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