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if i am riding like 80% on road - 20% off road - consider XC??

downhill mean what ah?

my current stock fork has 100mm travel...
If you are riding a hybrid or even a mtb with slicks, you might encounter problems for that 20% off road.
I had experienced the tires dig into loose sand and I got thrown off the bike when I went into very light off road at punggol point and ECP when I was on mtb with 1.3" slicks. Can be cycling along when suddenly hit a patch of loose sand. The sudden deceleration can make me to just fly off the bike. So I have 2 sets of tires, knobbies for off road and slicks when I know the trip is strictly a road ride.

For your question on what is downhill. I found this on mtbr. See the 13th post. Just take it as a reference as some seems to have different opinions.

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