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Nice! I like how generous he is with the steel thickness! For user, I think the weight is quite useful. How much did it set you back by? 200ish under 300?
It's well below USD300 including shipping, pretty okay for a custom folder. Next knife will be in the same range too with some discount despite the CPM154 (not 154CM), CF and G10 being more expensive. PM me if you're interested in one. Great guy to work with and most times he won't ask for a downpayment unless you are making a special request in terms of design or materials.

Been fooling around with some fixed blade designs for the last few days. Came up with a few basic designs that may come to reality subject to financial ability. Was thinking of Damascus blade but abandoned the idea as it's just not practical. Fixed blades cost a lot less, a custom can be made for less than USD100. It depends on blade material, choice of scales, fittings and the sheathe material.

Anyway, for me nothing is cast in stone. Plans may change... Right now I'm just enjoying my knife. He puts a good working edge on it, requested it not to be shaving sharp. Not very practical for this knife due to it's thickness. I've other knives if I need that level of sharpness.
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