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That's good to hear! I'm actually looking for a custom fix blade.. if it can be done under US100 it's good news!! Time to do adjust my budget forecast for end of the year!!
you might be interested to know that professional blade smiths are registered with the American Bladesmith Society and they have ranks within that society.

New bladesmiths charge less, master bladesmiths charge more, but the quality will of course go up the more experienced the bladesmith is.

I don't know what the ranking criteria is but i'm sure some of the criteria for rising through the ranks is to submit your knives for inspection by the master smiths and the knives are then tested to their extremes in all kinds of tests to see how well the blade is forged, heat treated and finished. They also need to show a comprehensive understanding of steel types, chemical make up, properties and the different types of steels and their proper heat treatment.

I prefer to buy custom pieces from registered smiths because at least I know what kind of quality i'm getting for my money and the piece will probably have more value later on especially if the smith becomes famous. US$100 for a fixed blade custom piece from a pro will be hard to find I think.
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