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we almost in the same shoe!

for energy saving twin Compressor is always better for non inverter sys because if you on aircon for 1rm, with signle compressor sys it will always run in full power.
if i not wrong for non inverter Daikin is the only one still with single compressor, the rest of brands all are twin compressor. for inverter all should be using single compressor.

personally i think now Mitsubishi popular now mainly because of their heavily advertising like XX这里, CC这里.
Panasonic was from National which a good reliable brand for aircon and their latest envio quite attractive.
Daikin a brand with big name and mainly dealing with aircon but also come with for a higher price tag.
still got toshiba and sanyo. some places are pushing these 2 brands.
korea brand is out for me.
i hav check liao...some inverter also use twin compressor.

mayb becos toshiba n sanyo no business ma, so they ask salesman to recommend.

but than for mitsubishi, mayb they also no ppl wan to buy their product, so ask jxxk neo to advertise... not sure is it true or not?
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