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Mine is using system 4 condenser with 3 blowers, so as to max out the power of the blower if all 3 are switched on. Total paid near to $4k, inclusive GST. Material wise, it is among the best as recommended by the blog that i had posted earlier, class 0 and guage 22 (I think). Dunno what is the btu rating of the condenser but is the normal Daikin MKXXXX for R410A inverter as both system 3 and 4 has only one type of condenser.

I have called a few installers including Natural cool, Coolserve, DS?, Mr cool etc and Hong Tar gives me the best quotes. But be prepared to have long waiting time for them to come to install at your place as their schedule is quite packed. My in-laws place is still under-going renovation, so the installation is not complete yet so I can't comment on the workmanship.

You might also want to try to get quotations from the other shops listed by the aircon blog. It did helped me to get better quotes.
do let us know the performance when you've installed it.

Everybody seems to swear by Daikin, but so far from the 3 people i personally know who uses Daikin: first one has a room which is perpetually not cool; second one I personally experience when i went to his study room (not cool); while the third says okay (only that she's an occasional user).

One thing to note... electrical bills were pretty low too (not considering the occasional user).

System-3 for almost 4k is a bit more exp than other brands.
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