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so i see... indeed it is a product issue, too strong a compressor and too small were the blowers that the Cold wasn't efficiently channelled away and so the pipes leading to and away from the blowers are both cold. Condensation on the pipes led to sweating. I was using 1/2 inch insulation yet it didn't help.

so paranonia was i that i asked for 3/4 inch insulation for my next Air-Con to be installed next week.

good thing you didn't repair it... hee
wah u use 1/2 inch arh? sibei kiasu leh.. i bet ur new trunking is smaller now.. anyway my friend commented the MA56EV1 outdoor unit is best linked to 3 FCU.. if 4 FCU on at the same time.. the cooling will suffer by 50% tats if i on all 4 FCU at the same time... i'm not too sure whether its true or not, but getting another inverter Daikin which will cost me $3200 for an R22 refrigerant type. which is more than twice the amount i'm paying for non-inverter.. =\

I guess i haf to suffer this fate.. maybe 10yrs down the road.. i will den get an inverter.

R410 type of refrigerant is too ex to maintain, and outdoor unit is not cheap also! wads more if 1 day lightning strike on my outdoor unit... i will prepare to fork out high amount of cost of repair AGAIN!
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