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Angry Fujitsu sucks

hi, my Fujitsu (AOY36VMNM4) of less than 5 years is giving me problem again.

This time, it's the PCB. Now one of my FCU doesn't have any refrigerant pumped into it. Sianz.

Think I'm going to change it soon, coz as predicated by the Air-Con guy, things are slowly failing. double-sianz.

I thinking of Toshiba (coz my parent's place uses it for over 15 years! and it's still working! a bit rusted though), and apparently they're the only ones which still have their compressors made in Japan.

Anybody got good recommendation? Any other brands made in japan?

My Fujitusu aircon sucks!! The single split AOAR18JCC inverter in my bedroom broke down 2 times within the 1st yr. It was installed 1 and half yr ago. Now the mulit-split ASAA12JACM inverter in my other 2 rooms broke them last Friday. They are less than 2 yrs old. The service of the agent - Winfinity is real
disappointing. I'm always put on hold on the phone and they always say will call back and in the end i've
to keep calling to get to talk to their person in charge. Upon checking yesterday,the technician said both the PCB and 2 EEV coils need to be replaced....Sian.. It will cost me almost $600 including $80 transport. There is only 3 months' waranty after the replacement. I questioned them how can the air-con can break down so soon. They say other customers have no such problem. Last time my Toshiba air-cons lasted for more than 10 yrs without giving me much problem. I regret v. much changing to Fujitusu inverter thinking i can save on the electricity bill. I wonder if inverter air-cons are really less reliable or it all depends on the brand??? Should i get the replacement done ? Don't know how many months they can last and get another replacement again. I would rather change the whole air-con set. When air-con breaks down, it's not just money, but time to wait for them to come, this and that, and causing us such inconvenience - for the whole week my daughters have to sleep in my room, sian....
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