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huh? why would i request for 2 trips installation?

It was initially for one day, but the sales did mentioned that the work might spill over to the following day.

GC sent 2 guys to do the removal/installation. 1st day they worked about 10 hours and the following about 6 hours.

yes, i bought the plastic sheets.

But becoz they had to enlarge the holes in the walls for the larger insulation... there was drilling... so a lot of dust/debrids... i guess can't be helped lah. They plastic sheets does help though... so buy a lot of those.
Agghhh... How to sleep if they are not finished in 1 day? Cant imagine

If i remember correctly, i was quotes $3500+ for Toshiba System-4 Inverter, 16-10-10-10.

Which GC branch, can share the name & contact no? Wonder how much wound a system-3 cost
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