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Just came back from a 7 days trip, stayed at TS hotel (great hotel but i would recommend to book a bigger room). Out of all the night markets i went, my favourite night market is Raohe night market but i seriously don't recommend going to Wufenpu for your shipping needs. You can take a look but thats all. The place to me is quite expensive but the selections are excellent if you don't mind the price Danshui is another nice place!

Food to recommend
2peck chicken pie - behind TS hotel (
This is seriously the best 雞排...i am still craving for it!

Opium fen yuan - ximen (
Nice refreshing desert ask for the yu yuan too

Overall great trip! Would recommend to visit 2 places max a day so that you wouldn't be too tired btw i had a bit of problem trying to change money as i wasn't sure where to do it. I went to change at Sogo. The other place i went to try is 新光三越 (A4) but they don't buy in SGD anymore
hi, how much did u changed to bring over to taiwan? cos as you said, there isnt many money changers around. tks.
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