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Updated info on our product line, warranty policy and some general information.

Barebones : 2 Years Warranty (Mainboard and PSU)
Consumer Electronics (CE) : 1 Year Warranty

Siganture / Quattro series : 5 Years Warranty
TruePower Trio Series : 5 Years Warranty
TruePower 1.0/2.0 Series : 3 Years Warranty
NeoHE Series : 3 Years Warranty
SmartPower 1.0/2.0 Series : 3 Years Warranty
Casings : 1 Year Warranty**
Cooler Fans & Accessories : 1 Year Warranty

*Do make sure to double check with your retailer/e-tailer before purchasing.
Sometimes, there are certain items which are carried by multiple distributers/traders.
Hence, there might be some confusion.
If you're unsure, feel free to PM coolstyle(The one with the devilish avatar).
I'm sure many cool bros here have ended up chatting over PM with him.
eh what about Antec Earthwatt? together with casing also 1 yr ?

Does corbell still bring in Barebones from MSI ? Plus are there brands by corbell carried by other distributers? Do you bring in the Antec Designer 500/Plus?

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