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Amazing result, again!

I drove until 450km, and went to top-up petrol.
My FC is typically about 9km/lit.
I expected to pay for 50 lit of petrol.
To my pleasant surprise, the top-up was for 45.5 lit.

That translated to an FC of 9.9km/lit!
An improvement of 10%.

If it was snake oil or snake balls, I wouldn't recommend it (wouldn't even buy it to begin with), due to sceptism, high cost and unbelieveable improvement claims of 20-30%.
But this is 2T oil available in most petrol kiosks from all brands.

I sent an email to someone working in a petroleum company, requesting for a scientific chemical answer to the amazing result. Waiting for it.

I've added 60ml of 2T oil to the petrol, again.

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