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R22/R410a, Gauge 23 piping is enough.
Gauge 22 is for commerical or industrial use. G22 pipe very thick, resulting in big trunking which u wouldn't want it flying around your hse.

If installation using G23 piping, no bent or cross piping. Chances of sweating occuring is very low, with Class 1 insulation.
If your piping is say G24 with bent portion, even using the thickest insulation with Class 0 grade will not help to solve the sweating/condensation problem.

So bros/sis here, if installing aircon, get G23 piping with Class 1 insulation will do, provided the installers uses benders to bend your piping @ corners and pipes are lay nicely inside the trunking.
Some might tink Class 0 insulation are better. IMO, wats the use of buying good speakers for your car when the head unit is not good enough to project such a good sound? Just stating an example.

Just my views.

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